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Fundación CLC World donated both money and time to the construction of the F. Cruz Dias-ADIMI Care Centre in Mijas which currently provides treatment to more than 220 users.

It is the Foundation’s most ambitious social project to date, which was endorsed from the moment ADIMI asked for help. The Foundation coordinated the work and made it possible with a contribution of €1,600,000.

The centre has medical facilities, three dining rooms, gardens, rooms for psychological treatment and physiotherapy and air conditioning throughout. Spread over two floors, it is equipped with the latest technology. The medical and hospital facilities within the centre can cater for 22 users with consultation rooms, waiting areas and a staff room.

Fundación CLC World co-ordinated the construction work and contributed €1,100,000 in the first phase of the project, €200,000 in the second and also covered €300,000 of indirect costs. The contributions of Mijas Council, the Diputación de Málaga and Fundación ONCE also helped to make this dream come true.

Currently, ADIMI receives ongoing support from the Foundation through various campaigns aimed at collecting materials and funds that will improve the quality of life for its users. In a gesture of solidarity with ADIMI, CLC World’s employees are involved in numerous activities that provide improvements to both the building and the services of ADIMI. These contributions are certain to provide even greater professional support and assistance.

Voluntarios Fundación CLC
Voluntarios Fundación CLC

Collaboration with organisations, associations and individuals

Since its creation, Fundación CLC World has maintained important ties with organisations, associations and individuals in need on the Costa del Sol and Tenerife thanks to donations from members, as well as the contributions of CLC World employees.

Many activities have been carried out to improve people’s quality of life such as collections of food, furniture, clothes and other items, including the donation of IT equipment.

Fundación CLC World will continue to work with different organisations and individuals by donating items and also time which together can help them tackle the social issues they face.

Collaboration with other organisations

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