Fundación Olivares brings soul, heart and magic to CLC World

Mijas, March 9, 2020.-

Fundación Olivares held a day of collaboration and celebration and CLC Club La Costa World to mark its tenth anniversary.

More than 120 people participated in the event with a programme of activities aimed at adults and children. While the parents attended yoga classes or received a talk from the President of Fundación Olivares, Andrés Olivares, the youngest children enjoyed a host of different recreational activities, accompanied by CLC World’s Team Marina.

“These types of activities are very important for families to forget for a few hours their treatments, chemo, relapses etc. This type of collaboration contributes to improving the quality of life of our children and their families” said Olivares.

Fundación CLC World maintains a close relationship with the Malaga organisation. Last year the resort employees organised a charity Zumba master class which raised 1,345 euros for Fundación Olivares. The money raised was allocated to support children with cancer and their families through psychological care, physical therapy, nutrition etc.

The Mijas company has also announced that it will join the ‘World Record Chain of Hearts’ campaign, launched by Fundación Olivares, when it aims to bat the record for the largest chain of hearts, currently held by the British Heart Foundation, with 17,939 hearts, to highlight childhood cancer.

Fundación Olivares is a Malaga organisation that offers comprehensive support and services to children suffering from cancer and their families, including physical therapy, psychology, nutrition and naturopathy. Ongoing research to improve the quality of life of these children is also undertaken in colleges, universities and educational institutions.