CLC World brings together four local artists in exhibition ‘EncontrArte’

Mijas, March 3, 2020 .- 

On 2nd March, CLC World Resorts & Hotels hosted a launch party for the EncontrArte (Discover Art) exhibition that brings together works of four local artists: María Escalona, Michèle Lehmann, Salvador Madueño and Eduardo Query.

More than 100 people attended the reception at Sunset Lounge on the resort, enjoying as cocktail with flavours authentic to our region. The event was attended by representatives of Mijas Council, the Diputación of Málaga, CLC World and ambassadors of Fundación CLC World.

CLC World is supporting Mijas art through this cultural event which in turn assists the work of Fundación CLC World with the artists donating 10% of their sale proceeds to the foundation.

Salvador Madueño is a sculptor who works with wood, metal and stone to create pieces that generally reflect animals in their natural environment. He enjoys walking in the mountains of Mijas for inspiration and to gather his materials. “My pieces are part of nature – I intend to give life to still life. I like to mix, to combine the different elements of wood, metal, stone and copper, all of which are recycled.”

The figurative paintings of Michèle Lehmann nearly always show the subject from behind, and while conveying emotion, they allow the viewer to build their own story – “a painting should not need an explanation,” she says.

María Escalona uses different framing techniques so the viewer feels they are looking through a window, or for those framed in circles, through binoculars. Clouds invite you to immerse yourself in the subtle atmosphere of the heavens, while her studies of fog create a dense emotion that evokes silence. The six works in this exhibition are oil on canvas and board, representing the study of clouds in the south of Spain.

Using the collage technique, Eduardo Query decontextualizes the materials he uses and investigates simple and direct ways to channel their plasticity. Eduardo shows utopian places that seek harmony in the natural environment – relaxing landscapes that have fled the globalisation of the world.

CLC World’s Director of Human Resources, Juan Miguel Marcos is pleased with the reception the initiative has received. “It’s an enriching experience for our employees, who can experience the art in their work environment. In this way, culture becomes a relevant means of communication with our staff and customers.”

Likewise, Mijas Council values this event that allows the works of art to transcend the local sphere through interaction with CLC World’s visitors who hail from different nationalities.

The exhibition, in collaboration with Mijas Council, is open every day until March 22nd from 10am to 5pm at Sunset Lounge, San Diego Suites, Club La Costa World.